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Michael Meeropol, older son of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, says about Phantom Spies, Phantom Justice:

In 1950, Miriam Moskowitz and her employer Abraham Brothman were arrested and falsely charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice.  Despite the specific nature of the charge, they were immediately branded by the prosecution as part of an Atom Spy ring.  Miriam’s story about how she became “collateral damage” in the government’s pursuit of real and fake spies is a must reading for all who cherish our constitutional form of government.  Her survival and personal triumph should be celebrated by us all.

Click here to view a video of Miriam Moskowitz being interviewed in 2011 by Danya Abt for GRITtv about the events she writes about in her book.

Miriam Moskowitz in 2010 when she was 94-years-old.

(Steve Burns)

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Softcover -- 304 pages

Table of Contents


Foreword by David Alman


Part I  A World Gone Awry

Chapter 1. July 1950 – A Midsummer Madness

Chapter 2. A Blanket of Fear

Chapter 3. In The Beginning

Chapter 4. Jailhouse Blues

Chapter 5. With Justice for All

Part II. Kaufmans Court

Chapter 6. Setting the Stage

Chapter 7. Elizabeth Bentley, The Queen

Chapter 8. Harry Gold, “I Lied Desperately”

Chapter 9. The Majesty of the Law

Part III. Jail

Chapter 10. New York City, 1950

Chapter 11. Bernice

Chapter 12. Sabine

Chapter 13. Ethel Rosenberg

Chapter 14. And in the End, the Sisterhood

Part IV. Serving Serious Time

Chapter 15. Shirley

Chapter 16. Christmas with Iva

Chapter 17. Lady Lily at the End of the Line

Chapter 18. Reconnections

Chapter 19. Hope Is For Fools

Chapter 20. Surrogate Living

Part V. Life Resumes Among The Lawful

Chapter 21. Working

Chapter 22. Broken Shadows

Chapter 23. Abraham Brothman

Chapter 24. Enter Venona

Part VI. A Confluence Of Toads

Who Benefited?

Chapter 25. Elizabeth Bentley

Chapter 26. Harry Gold

Chapter 27. … And The Real Harry Gold

Chapter 28. Roy M. Cohn, Assistant Prosecutor

Chapter 29. Irving H. Saypol, Prosecutor

Chapter 30. Irving R. Kaufman, the Judge


Afterword by Hans Sherrer

Appendix A  Harvey Matusow’s accusation Roy Cohn persuaded him to falsely testify in a 1952 case.

Appendix B  A Partial list of published work by (or about) Abraham Brothman.

Appendix C  A rebuttal to The Brother (2001) by Sam Roberts.

Appendix D  FBI documents that Miriam Moskowitz wasn’t present during conversation between Harry Gold and Abraham Brothman that underlies her conviction of conspiracy to obstruct a grand jury.

About the Author

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The updated edition includes new chapters, additional photographs, a new foreword by David Alman, a new afterword by Hans Sherrer,  and FBI documents proving the U.S. Government obtained Ms. Moskowitz’s conviction by knowingly relying on the perjured testimony of the infamous informant Harry Gold.

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