Apr 16

Jonathan Fleming Released After 25 Years For New York Murder Committed When He Was At Disney World

Jonathan Fleming leaving the courthouse after his release on April 9, 2014 (AP)

Jonathan Fleming has been released after almost 25 years of imprisonment for a New York murder committed when he was 1,100 miles away in Florida. On August 15, 1989 Fleming was vacationing with his family at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Fleming was 1,100 miles from his home in Brooklyn, where an acquaintance was …

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Apr 10

Sture Bergwall Released From 23 Years Imprisonment After 8 Murder Convictions Overturned

Sture Bergwall (Facebook)

Sture Bergwall was described for almost two decades as Sweden’s ‘Hannibal Lecter’ before reinvestigation of his cases discovered he is innocent of the eight murders he was convicted of committing. He has been released after all his convictions were overturned. In December 1990 Bergwall held a family hostage while his accomplice forced the father to …

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Mar 24

Calif. Appeals Court Overturns Steven Spriggs’ Conviction For Using iPhone Map App

Steven R. Spriggs (Robin Abcaria, LA Times)

The California Court of Appeal has overturned the conviction of Steven R. Spriggs for using his hand-held iPhone’s map application while driving. The Court ruled California’s law prohibiting talking on a hand-held wireless phone while driving doesn’t apply to using a map application. On January 5, 2012 Spriggs was driving in Fresno, California when he …

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Mar 23

Trial By Perjury: Millionaire, Mania & Misinformation by Nancy Hall

Trial By Perjury by Nancy Hall

Trial By Perjury: Millionaire, Mania & Misinformation by Nancy Hall is about how Celeste Beard Johnson was convicted in 2003 of capital murder in the death of her then husband Steven F. Beard, who died of natural causes in 2000. She was sentenced to life in prison. While in bed at home in Oct. 1999, …

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Mar 17

Aaron S. Lowden’s Conviction Based On Suspicion He Was Involved In Drug Trafficking Tossed By Maine’s Highest Court

Aaron S. Lowden Mug Shot (York County Sheriff's Office)

Maine’s Supreme Judicial Court has acquitted Aaron S. Lowden of aggravated trafficking of a scheduled drug (methamphetamine) because the prosecution introduced no evidence during his trial that he committed the crime. In January 2014 Lowden was 41 and renting a room on the second floor of in a house at 25 Bigelow Road in Lebanon, …

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Mar 13

Freedom March For The Wrongfully Convicted In Washington, Pennsylvania On March 14, 2014

Freedom March For The Wrongfully Convicted (www.freedommarchusa.org)

A Freedom March For The Wrongfully Convicted is being held in Washington, Pennsylvania on Friday, March 14, 2014. It will begin at noon at the Washington County Courthouse, 1 South Main St. Click here for the webpage with information about the march and a map of how to get there. Washington is about 25 miles …

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Mar 12

Appeals Court Clears Two Men Of Selling Substandard Toast At A Bakery

Indian Toast (oneworldplate.com)

Shaikh Alimoddin and Shaikh Jalaloodin have been acquitted by an appeals court in India of selling substandard toast. On January 6, 1995 a health inspector bought toast at the bakery owned by Alimoddin in Jalgaon, India. Jalgaon is a city of almost 400,000 people about 250 miles northwest of Mumbai. The health inspector sent the …

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Mar 03

Newlywed Convicted Of Making False Rape Claim To Cover-Up Six-Year Affair

Jessica Gore and her husband Darren on their wedding day in August 2013 (Facebook)

Jessica Gore has been convicted of perverting the course of justice for fabricating a false rape claim to conceal from her husband of four weeks that she was continuing a six-year affair with another man. Gore was a 32-year-old mother of two children when she was married in August 2013 in Ashford, England. Ashford is …

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Feb 27

“Judges think of the judiciary as something that belongs to them” — Attorney Alan Lud

Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo protesting in Buenos Aires (www.abuelas.org.ar)

From 1976 to 1983 Argentina’s anti-communist military dictatorship engaged in what is known as the “Dirty War.” Between 30,000 and 45,000 men and women who expressed opposition to the dictatorship were disappeared — kidnapped in the middle of the night — never to be publicly seen again. In some cases entire families were kidnapped. The …

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Feb 24

Utah Supreme Court Acquits Barton Bagnes For Showing His Sesame Street Diaper To Two Girls

Barton Jason Bagnes

Barton Jason Bagnes has been acquitted by the Utah Supreme Court of charges related to showing the Sesame Street diaper he was wearing to two girls in White City, Utah. Bagnes had been sentenced to 15 years in prison. Under the Court’s ruling Bagnes’ activity was unusual but it wasn’t criminal. White City is about …

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