Feb 22

Washington Appeals Court Rules Gerald Lewis Yanac Didn’t Rob Bank Asking Teller For “Money”

Gerald Lewis Yanac (Kitsap County Sheriff)

The Washington Court of Appeals acquitted Gerald Lewis Yanac on February 18, 2015 of first-degree robbery for being given money by a bank teller he asked for “money.” On August 15, 2012 Yanac went into a Key Bank in Port Orchard, Washington, a city of about 12,000 that is 13 miles due west of Seattle. …

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Feb 19

David Mathew Hicks Exonerated Of 2007 Material Support Of Terrorism Conviction

Guantanamo: My Journey (2010) (cover)

David Mathew Hicks was acquitted on February 18, 2015 by the United States Court of Military Commission Review of his 2007 conviction of materially supporting terrorism in Afghanistan. The Court ruled he had been convicted of conduct that wasn’t a crime when it occurred. Hicks is an Australian citizen who was 24 when he traveled …

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Feb 05

Colin Norris Is Innocent Of Being Serial Killer Says Jury Foreman

Colin Norris outside the courthouse before his conviction (BBC)

The foreman of the jury that convicted Colin Norris in 2008 of four murders and one attempted murder in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, says that new forensic evidence proves he is not only innocent and he wants him freed from his life sentence, but that no murders were even committed. In 2002 Norris was a …

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Jan 27

Charles Placa Spends $10,000 To Be Exonerated For Getting Beach Access Key For His Disabled Daughter

Charles Placa after his acquittal (Andrew Ford, Asbury Park Press)

Charles Placa has been acquitted after appealing his conviction of disorderly conduct while obtaining a key to unlock the handicap gate for access to the beach in Bradley Beach, New Jersey. Placa is a consulting engineer who lives in Milford, Ohio with his wife Connie and daughter Laureen, who has cerebral palsy and uses a …

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Jan 22

Benjamin Earl Garfield Acquitted By Washington Court of Appeals Of Possessing Stolen Rifle

Entrance to the Olde World Trading Company in Ephrata, Washington (Google Streetview)

Benjamin Earl Garfield was acquitted by the Washington Court of Appeals on January 20, 2015 of possessing a stolen firearm. In 2010 or 2011 Garfield bought a .30-06 rifle from a Hispanic man at a Quik Stop in Quincy, Washington. The man told Garfield he needed to sell the rifle for gas money to drive …

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Jan 20

More Than 200 U.S. Exonerations, And Millions Of Visitors To Justice Denied In 2014

In 2014 there were at least 206 exonerations in the United States, and 213 in 32 other countries, for a total of 419.* Those are the most yet recorded for any year in the Innocents Database, that records all known exonerations in the world. The previous highest total were 171 exonerations in 2006 in the …

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Jan 15

Daniel Gristwood Dies 4 Months After New York Pays $7.3 Million For 9 Years Wrongful Imprisonment

Daniel Gristwood after his release from prison (Dennis Nett, syracuse.com)

Daniel G. Gristwood died from lung cancer on January 3, 2015. Four months earlier the State of New York paid him $7.3 million for nine years of wrongful imprisonment for a brutal assault on his wife. In January 1996 Gristwood, 29, his wife Christina, 26, and their five children from almost 10 years of marriage …

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Jan 11

Derrick Hamilton Exonerated 22 Years After Wrongful New York Murder Conviction

Derrick Hamilton after his release in December 2011 (Jesse A. Ward, New York Daily News)

Derrick Hamilton’s indictment for the murder of Nathaniel Cash in New York City in 1991 was dismissed on January 9, 2015. Kings County Supreme Court Justice Raymond Guzman granted the motion to dismiss submitted by the Kings County (Brooklyn) District Attorney’s Office. Justice Denied first reported on Hamilton’s case in the summer of 2008 after …

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Jan 10

Convicted Of Her Husband’s Crime — The Raye Dawn Smith Story

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs and Raye Dawn Smith

Convicted Of Her Husband’s Crime — The Raye Dawn Smith Story By Raye Dawn Smith’s Lawyers[note 1] Introduction On July 18, 2007, 27-year-old Raye Dawn Smith was convicted of one count of enabling child abuse against her two-year-old daughter Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs (“Kelsey”), who died on October 11, 2005. She was sentenced to 27 years …

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Jan 05

Wisconsin Awards Maxwell J. Verkuilen $15,417 Compensation For 3 Years Wrongful Imprisonment For Sexual Assault

Maxwell J. Verkuilen (Facebook.com)

Maxwell J. Verkuilen has been awarded $15,416.76 compensation by the State of Wisconsin for three years and one month of wrongful imprisonment for sexual assault. The award came more seven years after his exoneration in August 2007. On June 10, 2002 the 25-year-old Verkuilen was at a bar with friends in Appleton, Wisconsin. Erin Schubert …

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