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Annie Borjesson (botched murder investigation in Scotland)  http://www.annierockstar.com

Anthony D'Amato   http://anthonydamato.law.northwestern.edu

Better Consulting (Australia)   http://www.betterconsult.com.au 

California Criminal Lawyer Blog   http://www.californiacriminallawyerblog.com

Campaign to End the Death Penalty   http://www.nodeathpenalty.org  

Canadian Human Rights International Organization - CHRIO   http://chrio.ca      

Capital Punishment Focus   http://www.criminaljusticedegreeschools.com/resources/criminal-justice-capital-punishment-focus.html 

Clyde Kennard  (Exonerated in 2006, 43 years after his death in 1963)  http://www6.district125.k12.il.us/~bbradfor/kennardmission.html

Commission of Inquiry into the wrongful conviction of David Milgaard ($11.6 million spent investigating Milgaard's Canadian case)   http://www.milgaardinquiry.ca

Community of the Wrongly Accused   http://www.cotwa.info      

Death Penalty Information Center   http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org

Denshoe (WW II incarceration of Japanese Americans)   http://densho.org

Diary of Injustice in Scotland   http://petercherbi.wordpress.com

Estelle Blackburn   http://www.estelleblackburn.com.au

European Association for Human Rights  http://humanrightsenglish.wordpress.com      

Eyewitness Expert, Inc. (Dr. Paul Michel analyzes the likelihood that eyewitness testimony is valid.)   www.eyewitnessexpert.com

Fair Trials Abroad   http://www.fairtrialsabroad.org

Fair Trials International   http://www.fairtrials.net 

False Confessions blog   http://www.falseconfessions.org 

False Memory Syndrome Foundation   http://www.fmsfonline.org 

False Rape allegations   http://www.falserape.net   

False Rape Society   http://falserapesociety.blogspot.com

4JusticeNow (Internet radio interview program)   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/4justicenow   

Foreign Prisoners Support Service   http://www.usp.com.au/fpss/index.html

Forensic Science Resources (George Schiro)   http://www.forensicscienceresources.com

Framed By The System   http://framedbythesystem.com

Friends of Justice   http://friendsofjustice.wordpress.com    

Gideon's Army   https://yearofjubile.com/

Grassroots Organizing In Support Of Wrongful Convictions (Nancy Lockhart)   http://nancylockhart.blogspot.com

Harmful Error (Analysis of Nevada cases)   http://www.harmfulerror.com

Innocence & Wrongful Conviction Links (NY State Defender's Assoc)   http://www.nysda.org/html/innocence_wrongful_convictions.html

Innocent! An operation of support for the wrongly convicted   http://aboutinnocent.org

Injustice Busters (U.S. and Canadian wrongful conviction cases profiled)   http://www.injusticebusters.com

Injustice in Scotland   http://petercherbi.wordpress.com

International Network for Innocent Arson Defendants   http://www.niad.info               

Japan Innocence & Death Penalty Research Center   http://www.jiadep.org

Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation For Justice   http://www.thejeffreydeskovicfoundationforjustice.org         

Jeffrey Deskovic Speaks   http://jeffreydeskovicspeaks.org

Just Detention Internatonal   (Seeks to end sexual abuse of prisoners in all forms of detention)   http://www.justdetention.org

Justice Watch Ireland   http://www.justicewatchireland.com      

Lindbergh kidnapping and Bruno Richard Hauptman   http://www.lindytruth.org

Make The Walls Transparent   http://makethewallstransparent.org

MASS (Mothers (Fathers) for the Advancement of Social Systems)   http://massjab.org    

Miscarriages Of Justice Organization   http://www.miscarriagesofjustice.org  

National Center for Reason and Justice   http://ncrj.org

National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty   http://www.ncadp.org

National Committee to Reopen the Rosenberg Case (NCRRC)   http://ncrrc.org   

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers   http://www.nacdl.org

National Registry of Exonerations   http://www.law.umich.edu/special/exoneration/Pages/about.aspx    

New York State Defenders Association   http://www.nysda.org/html/innocence_wrongful_convictions.html

Patrick Crusade  (compilation of wrongful conviction info)   http://www.patrickcrusade.org

People For Justice   http://peopleforjustice.org/home    

Prison Place   http://prisonplace.com

Obvious Answers (Julie Rea)   http://obviousanswers.presspublisher.us/author/julie-rea-harper              

Open Trial (Promoting fair legal process worldwide)   http://www.opentrial.org     

Outlaws Online (PenPals and other resources for prisoners)   http://www.outlawsonline.com

Plea for Justice Program (Plea bargain reform)   http://www.plea4justice.org   

REA Mitigation Specialist and Witness Preparation Consultant   http://www.presuminginnocence.com       

Robert Stewart's case (released after 16 years jailed in Canada)   http://www.kangaroojustice.com

Ron Keine (Exonerated after 18 months on New Mexico's death row)   http://www.ronkeine.org

Scotched Justice (Cases of injustice in Scotland)   http://scotchedjustice.forumotion.com/forum.htm

Shirley McKie   http://www.shirleymckie.com

Simple Justice Blog (NY Criminal Defense blog)   http://blog.simplejustice.us

Stories of the Wrongly Convicted   http://www.americaswrongfullyconvicted.com/

The Darryl Hunt Project for Freedom and Justice   http://www.darrylhuntproject.org

The Fitted-in Project   http://www.fittedin.com

The Little Rascals Day Care Cases   http://littlerascalsdaycarecase.org

T.I.M.E. (Treating Inmates Morallly & Ethically)   http://time-awareness.ning.com

The Arson Research Project   http://www.thearsonproject.org  

The Truth About False Confessions   http://mysite.verizon.net/clarkos/index.html

Victims of the State   http://www.victimsofthestate.org

Voice of Reason   http://www.voiceofjustice.com

Wisconsin Historical Society (Longtime supporter of Justice Denied)   http://www.wisconsinhistory.org        

Witness To Innocence (From death row to freedom)   http://www.witnesstoinnocence.org

Women and Innocence   http://womenandinnocence.com      

Worldwide Womens Criminal Justice Network (Women falsely charged, wrongfully convicted, unjustly sentenced.)   http://www.wcjn.org     

Wrongly Accused Person (Scottish website)   http://www.wronglyaccusedperson.org.uk       

Wrongful Convictions - Justice for All   http://wrongfulconvictions.ning.com

Wrongful Convictions in the U.S.   http://wrongful-convictions.blogspot.com