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Editor in Chief and Publisher
Justice Denied -- The Magazine for the Wrongly Convicted

A six issue membership to Justice: Denied magazine cost $10 for prisoners and $20 for all other people and organizations. (See note below) Prisoners can pay with stamps and pre-stamped envelope. A sample issue costs $3. An information packet will be sent with requests that include a 37¢ stamp or a pre-stamped envelope (Please write INFO on the envelope). Write: Justice Denied - Info, PO Box 881, Coquille, OR 97423


If you have a story of wrongful conviction that you want to share, please read and follow the Submission Guidelines on page 20. Cases of wrongful conviction submitted in accordance with Justice: Denied’s guidelines will be considered for publication. Be sure and submit a case story to the person listed on page 20 for the state where the person is imprisoned or living. CAUTION! Story submissions sent to Justice: Denied’s Coquille, OR address will be returned to you! If page 20 is missing, send a 37¢ stamp with a request for an information packet to the address listed in the first paragraph. Justice: Denied does not promise that it will publish any given story, because each story must pass a review process involving a number of staff members.


Justice: Denied is published by the Justice Institute, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. If you want to financially support the important work of publicizing wrongful convictions, tax deductible contributions can be made to:


The Justice Institute
PO Box 881
Coquille, OR 97423


Greetings, JD members:

I want to thank all of you for your continuing support of Justice:Denied. Your memberships and donations are what has enabled us to continue publishing for more than five years.

I also want to thank Fred Woodworth for his very positive review of JD Issue 23 in the current issue (#101) of his magazine - The Match. Mr. Woodworth wrote two articles on the unreliability of fingerprint evidence reprinted in JD Vol. 2, Issue 9. For ordering information, see The Match’s ad on page 23.

Please notice that mailing information for your stories is listed on page 20 of this issue. If you send us a SASE or a 37¢ stamp we will send information about submitting a story to JD and where to send your story depending on which state you are in. That information is also on Justice:Denied’s website. JD’s Coquille, Oregon address is NOT to be used for story submissions. Since we are an volunteer organization with limited resources, until further notice all stories sent to JD’s Coquille address will be returned to the sender for mailing to the correct address. All other JD mail, including a change of address, new and renewed membership orders, information requests, and advertising queries, should be mailed to JD's Coquille address.

I also want to point out that it will help publicize the plight of the wrongly convicted if you spread the word to people you come in contact with that

all of JD’s back issues can be read on our website at:

So enjoy this issue and if you believe in the work we are doing, please encourage others to become members or donate to JD.







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