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Justice Denied is now offering access to all our archives.

Volume 1 Issue 1 

Jeff Dicks
Debra Milke
Jim Thomas
Herman Wallace
Jimmy Segura
Shirley and Ray Souza
Jeffery Modahl
George White
Darlie Routier
David Millgaard
Felito Mendoza
"Hurricane" Carter

Volume 1 Issue 2 

Shareef Cousin
Lee Barnett
Martin Yant
Shasta Roever
Thomas Harris
Anthony Porter
John Stoll
Patrick Swiney
Part One of an introduction to Hans Sherrer's book "The Innocents: the prosecution, conviction, and imprisonment of the innocent". Look for Part Two next month. (Volume 1 Issue 3)

Volume 1 Issue 3
From the Editor: Our Personal Responsibility: Anger and Righting Wrongs
Part Two Hans Sherrer's Book (Part one was published in Issue 2)
Paul William Scott
Keith Doolin
Kevin Cooper
Joy Wosu
Carol Stanton
The Sweet Air of Freedom by Charles Sparks
Michelle Fox -- Hero At The Bar
Anthony Porter Update

Volume 1 Issue 4 
From the Editor: Justice: Educating Ourselves
Inequities of Race
by Stormy Thoming-Gale
Celebrity Prisoners and the "Justice" System
by Joanne Walker
ILWU Comment by Clara A. Thomas Boggs
Speech for the ACLU by Mike Farrell
Planning for Freedom: You Can Contribute to The Plan by Clara Thomas Boggs
A Supporter Speaks by Joanne Walker
Feature Stories:
William Williams
Dennis Fritz and Ron Williams
Darlie Routier Update  
Virginia Larzelere
Marlon Passley

Volume 1 Issue 5
From The Editor: Chat about JD, Progress, Developments and Other Things

Feature Stories:

Debra Milke
Freddie Lee Wright
Schmieder and Clark
Jimmy Dennis
Jeffrey Modahl
Heroes At The Bar Banks and Cooney
Movie Review of "Life"

Volume 1 Issue 6

From The Editor: A Chat about Challenges, Needs, Darlie, Surprises, Reflections on Justice and the Death Penalty.

Feature Stories:

Aaron George
Darlie Routier
Frank Milano
Hank Skinner
Isaac Marta
Jerome Bergeron
Champion of the Innocent -- Christopher Brown
Prosecutorial Lawlessness is its Real Name
New Orleans DA takes issue with Justice Denied Magazine
Two Book reviews: Media Tried, Justice Denied and Mean Justice

Volume 1 Issue 7 
From the Editor: American Gulag: Guilty or Innocent, This is a Dumb Way to Handle Crime

Leslie Whaley
Thomas Arthur
Darlie Routier
Sentenced to Die because his name is Bobby?
James Dulaney
Analysis of The Mumia Abu-Jamal Case.
Guest Editorial by Hans Sherrer -- Truth is Power, but you can't just "tell the truth" -- you must tell the truth effectively.
The Darlie Mail -- The interview with Darlie Routier last month inspired some responses.

Volume 1 Issue 8
From the Editor: Big Change for a Transition Period

Feature Stories:

Sam Reese Sheppard Walks for Justice
Polygraphs -- Danger to Innocent People?
Bernard Baran
Bruce Clairmont:
Child Abuse Witch Hunts
Cheryl Amirault LeFave
The Undisputed Champion of Capital Punishment
Jimmy Dennis Update
Ellen Reasonover Free At Last
Effron Paredes
David Han
A Look at Darlie Routier's Supporters
Rubberstamp Justice

Volume 1 Issue 9
From the Editor:
JD Report

Curtis Green
Bittersweet Free At Last. LeFave is Free, with Conditions
Nolan Klein
Harold Hall
Wilbert Thomas
Prosecutors are Masters at the Art of Framing People
Prosecute the Prosecutors who wrongly convict, says Pauley
When criminals get out on "Technicalities" OUR Freedoms are protected.
The Learning Channel at its Worst
Updates: Mumia Abu Jamal and Paul William Scott
Outrageous: A Sleeping Defense?

Volume 1 Issue 10
From the Editor:
Is Death a Life Value? and The Power of One Small Group -- a letter to our readers.

Feature Stories:

A.B. Butler
Jack Frederick
Troy Hickey Story
Odell Barnes
Wayne Henderson
Bill Heirens
Darlie Routier Revisited
The Position of Justice: Denied on the Death Penalty
What did we learn from Seattle?
Miranda Rights -- Do We Really Know Them?
Updates in this issue include: David Han and Bruce Clairmont
Movie Review of "Brokedown Palace"
Book Review of "Fatal Flaw: A True Story of malice and Murder in a Small Southern Town"

Volume 1 Issue 11


Anthony Apanovitch
Philip Workman
Freddie Lee Wright
Requiem for Odell and All Murdered Innocents

Feature Stories:

Felito Mendoza
Kim Hricko
Christopher Dunn
Mike Hynes
Kenny Richey
Michael Pardue

THREE stories of innocents who are Free At Last:
Wilbert Thomas
John Duval
Dwayne McKinney

Feature Articles:

The Innocent Executed
Under the right conditions, even you may be vulnerable to a false confession.
The Beat Goes On: The Lessons of O.J. Continue To Be Ignored
That's Outrageous!
The Hurricane reviewed for JD
Two editorials this month:
Wake up calls tell the world the U.S. Criminal Justice System doesn't work and Are we a grassroots movement, or an institution in the process of establishing itself?

Volume 1 Issue 12


From The Editor: The DP Moratorium in The News and Changes at Justice: Denied Magazine

Citizens United for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (CUADP) Seeks Innocence Cases
Shaka Sankofa/Gary Graham
Bennie Demps-- Executed 6/7/00.
Anthony Apanovitch

Feature Stories:

Jerry Jones
Martin Tankleff
Earl Washington
Tony Walker
Nicholas Yarris
William Thomas Zeigler, Jr.
Robert Farnsworth Jr.
Jason Derrick

Updates in This Issue:

28 Years in the Hole -- Angola 3
Darlie Routier Case
Kerry Max Cook
Kim Hricko
A.B. Butler, Jr.

Feature Articles:

Moratorium Movement gives Death Penalty Opponents A Glimmer of hope
Amnesty International Calls US practices "cruel" and "degrading."
The Death Penalty: Pros and Cons
New Hampshire Senate Yes, Governor No: Vetoes Life
Erin Brockovich Reviewed by Hans Sherrer
SnapShots from Volume 1 Issue 12:
Fast track to a quick, maybe unjust, death.
Clyde Charles -- "He Knew All Along He Was Innocent."
Arkansas Lawyer goes the distance for Robbie Dale Tubbs, now out of jail pending DNA tests

Volume 2 Issue 1

Two Editorials This Month: Status of our Grant to Publish and Convergence of Powers for Justice?

Feature Stories:

Anthony Graves
Darlie Routier
Ron Tijerina
Jason Barber
E. Wayne Felker
Edwin Wilson
Robert Kubat
Joseph Lavigne
John McFarland
Mark Woodworth

Updates in V2 Issue1

Lerlene Roever
Hank Skinner
Crosely Green

Feature Articles:

Rally For a Moratorium on Federal Executions.
Why Justice Denied Magazine is Important: A Historical Perspective
Compensate the Unjustly Convicted
How Many? Poem by Gaynell Kendrick
The Barrier A Short Story by Elouise Lord
Map of the World Reviewed by Hans Sherrer


An Innocent Minor on Death Row, and Everyone Seems to Know It
DNA Testing FINALLY frees Larry Youngblood

Volume 2 Issue 2

Directly from the desk of Clara Thomas BoggsBeing Late, Media Attention, and Other Episodes of JD Life

Feature Stories:

Michael Hamilton
Joseph Giarratano
James H. Neal
Derek Tice


Earl Washington
Christopher Dunn
Philip Workman

Feature Articles:

Southern Injustice
Landmark Study Shows the Unreliability of Capital Trial Verdicts. This article also includes information about an article by Hans Sherrer in The Independent Review

Virginia Supreme Court Rule 1.1: Finality of Judgments, Orders and Decrees -- The "21-Day Rule"

A Note of Interest to Our Readers An "insider" reveals hidden truth about conviction of the innocent in letter to editor of major newspaper. Measure 11 -- an insider's view of it.

Comment on Measure 11 By Phyllis A. Lincoln, JD Staff

This month in Snapshots:
San Diego offers free DNA tests to inmates

California Passes Ground-Breaking Legislation for the Innocent

Miranda Reaffirmed [Sort Of]

Recent Data Suggests Death Penalty Still Doesn't Deter

Volume 2 Issue 3

Table of Contents:

Directly from the desk of Clara A. T. Boggs: The Epidemic of Wrongful Convictions: What You Can Do and Adopting a JD Team Member.

Feature Stories:

Caruthers Alexander
Robert Eagle Clayton
Eugene Casey
Lenny Edwards
Herbert Bassette
Tony Thrash
Albert Burrell and Michael Graham
Christopher Ochoa

Feature Articles:

Darlie Routier Documentary Review
Writings from Innocent Prisoners, Patrick Swiney and Christopher Dunn.
A Case of Injustice Book Review

Snapshots --The Wrongly Convicted in the News.

This month in Snapshots: The phenomenon of change blindness... How much of the world around you do you really see? Majority Favors Moratorium on Executions and DNA Testing Law in Florida and Tennessee.

Volume 2 Issue 4

Table of Contents:

Directly from the desk of Clara Thomas Boggs A Report To Our Loyal Readers And Tribute to JD Team.

Feature Stories:

Tommy Dotson
David Allen Keen
Michael Pardue


Earl Washington
Philip Workman
Bruce Clairmont

Feature Articles:

"Prosecutorial Infallibility" Fosters Unjust System. A guest editorial by David Swanson
Hero at the Bar: Jeff Adachi,The Lifer and the Lawyer Who Won't Quit
Harvard Law School Conference -- A special report. By Carol Clairmont Weissbrod
Why Books and Movies about Innocent People are Important. By Hans Sherrer.
Snow Falling on Cedars and In the Name of the Father reviewed by Hans Sherrer

Snapshots of the Wrongly Conivicted
Illinois Supreme Court Adopts New Rules Governing Death Penalty Cases
Texas Senate Committee Unanimously Approves DNA Testing Bill SB 3
Texas Senate Passes DNA Testing Bill
Tennessee Considers Moratorium Legislation
Corrections for Volume 2 Issue 3

Volume 2 Issue 5

Table of Contents:

From the Editor: The Race to Publish and Why it May Interest YOU

Feature Stories:

Steven Joseph Schmitt
Elmer Ahart, Jr.
Troy Bradford
Christopher Nelson
Cy Green
Four Men Exonerated of 1965 Murder After FBI Frame-up is Exposed


Eugene Casey
Philip Workman

Feature Articles:

The Dark Ride A Poem by Anthony Mungin
Prison by the Senses
Truth in Justice Foundation
Snitch Culture, a new book by Jim Redden, is reviewed by Hans Sherrer.
East-West, starring Catherine Deneuve, reviewed by Hans Sherrer.

Volume 2 Issue 6

Table of Contents

From the Editor: Reports: New People, New Attention, and Other News

Feature Stories:

Jamie Higgins
Earl Bramblett
John Carothers
Chester Lee Grauberger
Linda Keene
Frederick Dever


Eugene Casey
Joy Wosu

Feature Articles:

Eyewitness Identification
Letter from Elmer Ahart, Jr.

Snapshots this month:

Is there a Moratorium in Maryland's Future?

Justice is Tried, Convicted and Executed in Virginia's Eagerness to Win

Senate to Debate the Innocence Protection Act of 2001

Europeans Decry Use of Death Penalty in the United States

The Exonerated Seek Safeguards Against Injustice

Townsend: DNA Frees Another Wrongly Convicted Retarded Man

New Jersey to Offer Free DNA Testing

The AMA Denies Endorsement of Moratorium

Volume 2 Issue 7

Table of Contents:

From the Editor:Our personal responsibility: Anger and Righting Wrongs

Feature Stories:

Vincent Padgett
Harold Staten
Michael Wayne Crump
Thomas Burton
Jerry Townsend, Free At Last
Keith Doolin Update

Feature Articles:

The Truth About Polygraph
Film Star Clara Bow's Personal Secretary Was Wrongly Convicted of Grand Theft
Actual Innocence Book Review
A Flawed and Imperfect System
Phone restrictions are out of Hand
Stolen Lives: Twenty Years In A Desert Jail Book review
Half-Moon Empty Stars Book Review
Doolin's Defense Doesn't Rest, poem by Anne M. Stickel
Justice Denied, poem by Anthony Mungin


Victor Ortiz Awarded $530,638 for 12 Years Of Wrongful Imprisonment
A Sad Update on Kenneth Waters
Case Dismissed Three Years After Man's Release From 16 Years Of Wrongful Imprisonment

Justice Denied -- Special Edition
From the Editor: Our personal responsibility: Anger and Righting Wrongs

Feature Stories:

Felito Feliz Mendoza Story
The Christopher Dunn Story
The Michael Pardue Story
The William Thomas Zeigler Story
The Darlie Routier Story
The Anthony Graves Story
The Steven Joseph Schmitt Story
The Linda Keene Story
Free at Last, A.B. Butler, Jr., Michael Pardue and Christopher Ochoa
The Freddie Eugene Casey Story
The Debra Milke Story
The Thomas Harris Story

Feature Articles:
Why Justice: Denied is Important: A Historical Perspective
Prosecute the Prosecutors Who Wrongly Convicted Says Pauley
Southern Injustice
Polygraphs...A Danger to Innocent People?
Prison by the Senses
The Position of J:D on the Death Penalty
A Poem from the Inside
Movie Review...Brokedown Palace
Jeff Adachi The Lifer and the Lawyer Who Won't Quit.
Eyewitness Identification...Hindrance to Justice?

SnapShots -- Is There a Moratorium in Maryland's Future?
The Exonerated Seek Safeguards Against Injustice
Justice is Tried and Executed in Virginia's Eagerness to Win
New Jersey to offer free DNA testing
Majority favors moratorium on executions
Europeans decry use of death penalty in the United States
DNA testing FINALLY frees Larry Youngblood.

Volume 2 Issue 8

Table of Contents:

From the Editor: Reasons and Excuses for an Unconscionably Late Issue

Feature Stories:

Patricia and Ryan Stallings
Michael Brown
Ricky Ford
Andy Riendeau
Robert Waterhouse
Ray Krone
Pamela Sue Reser

Mumia Abu-Jamal
William Heirens
FBI's Frame Up of Four Innocent Men
Tice conviction overturned!
James H. Neal -- Free at Last

Feature Articles:

It's About Time! Fred Woodworth's Questioning Of Fingerprint Evidence Is Long Overdue. Read Fred Woodworth's fingerprinting articles.

Register-Guard, the Eugene, OR newspaper publishes an article about Justice Denied.

Voices from Behind the Bars: Singing Soul and Transmutation by Donald Marvin Carter and Crossing Over by Harry Fowler.

Caged Bird. Reviewed by Clara A. Thomas Boggs

This month in SnapShots: Fingerprint Evidence No Longer Sticks, Conservative US Circuit Court Judges Back Post-Conviction DNA Testing and Historical Times For The Death Penalty.

Volume 2 Issue 9

Feature Stories:

Michael Toney

Jose Carmona

Richard Pruitt

Douglas Turns

Vinci P. Soddu

Cy Green

Feature Articles:

The Choctaw Three - On August 9, 2002, The Alabama Court of Appeals threw out Medell Banks Jrs.' conviction for killing a child that never existed.

The appeals court ruled, "a manifest injustice has occurred in this case." An Update on the Choctaw Three follows the article..

Illinois Governor George Ryan Pardoned Four Innocent Men On January 10, 2003 Condemned to Death, and the Next Day He Cleared Illinois' Death Row

The Court of Last Resort: A Historical View of Justice Denied

Report on the JD Benefit Dance Concert

Free At Last!

Hector Gonzalez

Anthony Faison


 U.S. Prison Population Up Again

A Wife Dead, a Cop-Husband Charged

DNA tests may prove yet another quarter century injustice in Illinois

Changing times: Some legal professionals question the reliability of fingerprints



Also see previous Snapshots-- The Wrongly Convicted in the News.

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