TV Production Company Seeking Persons Romantically Involved With A Prisoner

Justice Denied doesn’t endorse the following notice, but we talked with the casting producer, Cherish Hamutoff, and we are satisfied it is a legitimate television opportunity. Ms. Hamutoff said the participants will be compensated in accordance with standard television practices, and they will be protected by a contract that is consistent with industry standards.


Woman reaching through bars to manA Major Television Production Company is currently looking for dynamic women and men who are currently in any kind of romantic relationship with an inmate. Are you tired of your love being misunderstood? This show aims to break down the stereotypes and get to the heart of what it’s really like to be attached to someone in prison. We want to hear your side of the story.

Whether you…
– Were in the relationship before they were sentenced
– Began your romance while your special someone was behind bars
– Are prepping for your lover’s imminent entry or release from jail
– Have developed feelings for an inmate via Facebook or pen pal services and haven’t even met them in person yet…
…We’d love to hear from you! While we are looking for every kind of relationship story here, cases where your partner is about to enter or leave prison will be strongly considered.

**For casting consideration, please submit the following to

* Name
* Location
* Contact Info (Phone and Email)
* A recent photo of yourself
* A brief paragraph describing your current situation, including the anticipated dates when your loved one is to enter or be released from prison. Please include a brief history of your relationship with a timeline of the events leading up to now.

**If you know of other people romantically involved with soon-to-be or currently incarcerated individuals, please let them know about this opportunity as well! Groups of individuals in similar circumstances, also romantically involved with incarcerated people, are a PLUS!** Once you submit your information, a casting producer may contact you with more info (production company, casting process, etc.).

If you have any questions, you may reach out to the casting producer, Cherish Hamutoff by emailing: The casting call’s Twitter page is,


By Hans Sherrer
Justice Denied

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