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Dec 04

“An Unreal Dream: The Michael Morton Story” on CNN December 5th at 9pm ET/PT

Photo: Michael and Christine Morton with son Eric in 1986 (KVUE)

“An Unreal Dream: The Michael Morton Story” will be broadcast for the first time on the CNN cable network on Thursday, December 5th at 9pm ET/PT. Directed by Al Reinert, the two-hour documentary portrays the harrowing true tale of Michael Morton who was freed in 2011 after spending 25 years in prison for the murder …

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Dec 02

Wisconsin Awards David Turnpaugh $822 After Four Year Legal Battle For Compensation

Gavel and legal books

David R. Turnpaugh was awarded compensation of $822 by the Wisconsin Claims Board on November 25, 2013 for his wrongful convictions in 2006 for soliciting prostitution and bail jumping. The award resulted from Turnpaugh’s third petition to the Claims Board for compensation, and came more than four years after he filed his first petition in …

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Nov 28

Vermont Supreme Court Acquits Tyler Smith Waters For Texting His Former Partner

Windham County Courthouse in Newfane, Vermont

Tyler Smith Waters has been acquitted by the Vermont Supreme Court of his conviction of violating an abuse-prevention order. The Court ruled sending text messages to his former partner was not harassment. In 2007 Waters had a child with a woman he had lived with for several years in Brattleboro, Vermont. When they split-up she …

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Nov 23

Compensation Ordered For Man Wrongly Convicted Of Attempted Culpable Homicide

Kerala High Court in Kochi, Kerala, India (www.highcourtofkerala.nic.in)

India’s High Court in Kerala has ordered that Muraleedharan R U be provided with compensation for his wrongful conviction of attempted culpable homicide. In 2004 Muraleedharan was an employee of the Changaramkari temple in Mararikulam, on India’s southwest coast. On September 27, 2004 he got into a fight with a neighbor who used Muraleedharan’s motorcycle …

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Nov 15

Man Freed After 10 Years Imprisonment When Wife Tracks Down Actual Killer

Ly Nguyen Chung in detention after his arrest on October 25, 2013.

Nguyen Thanh Chan’s 2004 murder and robbery convictions have been voided by Vietnam’s Supreme People’s Court after his wife tracked down the man who actually committed the crimes. Chan was 42 when arrested on September 28, 2003 for the murder of a 31-year-old woman on August 15 in the village of Nghia Trung in Vietnam’s …

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Oct 28

Rapper Klay BBJ Acquitted Of Insulting Police By Appeals Court

Ahmed Ben Ahmed, aka Klay BBJ (AFP)

Ahmed Ben Ahmed, also known as the rapper Klay BBJ, has been acquitted by a Tunisian appeals court of his conviction of insulting the police during a concert. Ahmed is a rapper in his native Tunisia under the stage name of Klay BBJ. On August 22, 2013 Ahmed’s performance at the International Festival of Hammamet …

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Oct 22

Aaron Frank Cadger Acquitted By Oregon Court Of Appeals Of Non-existent Jail Escape

Aaron Frank Cadger (Douglas County Jail (Roseburg, OR))

Aaron Frank Cadger was acquitted by the Oregon Court of Appeals of escaping from a correctional facility the appeals court ruled didn’t happen. In September 2010 Cadger, 20, was serving a 60-day sentence at the Douglas County Jail in Roseburg, Oregon for a probation violation. Cadger was assigned to an “outside inmate worker program,” and …

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Oct 15

New Mexico Court Of Appeals Acquits Samantha Garcia Of Negligent Child Abuse

New Mexico Court of Appeals Judge Timothy L. Garcia (www.lwvnm.org)

The New Mexico Court of Appeals has acquitted Samantha Garcia of her conviction of negligent child abuse by endangerment after her three-year-old son was found outside their apartment at 2 a.m. In May 2010 Sandra Garcia lived with her three-year-old son in an apartment in Clovis, New Mexico. On May 15 a woman getting ready …

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Sep 11

Kevin McCormick Acquitted Of Manslaughter By Minnesota Court Of Appeals

Kevin Thomas McCormick (Clearwater County Sheriff mug shot 2010)

Kevin Thomas McCormick has been acquitted by the Minnesota Court of Appeals of his second-degree manslaughter conviction in the 2010 death of 64-year-old deer hunter Jerry Donald Benedict in Clearwater County, Minnesota. McCormick saw Benedict on a deer stand on November 6, 2010 that he thought was encroaching on his property. McCormick, 52, confronted Benedict …

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Sep 05

Hilda Lopez de la Cruz Acquitted Of Abortion Conviction By Mexican Appeals Court

Hilda Lopez de la Cruz during a press conference in Mexico City on August 27, 2013 (Latin America Herald Tribune)

Hilda Lopez de la Cruz’s abortion conviction and one year prison sentence have been vacated by the Supreme Tribunal of Mexico’s State of San Luis Potosi. In July 2009 Lopez was 18 and living in Tamuin, San Luis Potosi when she went to the hospital suffering from stomach pains. A doctor determined she was six …

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