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Nov 15

Justice Denied Issue 69 Is Now Online

Justice Denied Issue 69

Issue 69 of Justice Denied: the magazine for the wrongly convicted is available online. Issue 69 includes the following articles: Thandi Maqubela Acquitted Of Murder Because Her Husband Died From Natural Causes Alan Staines Exonerated Of 2004 Burglary By Discovery Lab Misidentified Him As Source Of Crime DNA Kaj Linna Exonerated Of Murder In Sweden …

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Jul 09

94% Of Forfeitures In Utah In 2015 Were From People Not Convicted Of A Crime

Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice logo

The legal system’s immense resources are not only used to prosecute and imprison a large number of people who are innocent of their convicted crimes. Those resources are also used to seize many millions of dollars a year through property “forfeiture” from people across the country who have not been convicted of committing a crime. …

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Feb 24

Utah Supreme Court Acquits Barton Bagnes For Showing His Sesame Street Diaper To Two Girls

Seann Odoms (middle) wearing his diaper in public, with his arms around two girls he met on Kings Road in London (Seann Odoms Facebook page)

Barton Jason Bagnes has been acquitted by the Utah Supreme Court of charges related to showing the Sesame Street diaper he was wearing to two girls in White City, Utah. Bagnes had been sentenced to 15 years in prison. Under the Court’s ruling Bagnes’ activity was unusual but it wasn’t criminal. White City is about …

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