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Jan 06

Philip Queree’s Indecent Assault Conviction For Touching Woman’s Breasts During Consensual Sex Tossed On Appeal

Philip Queree (The Sun (London))

Philip Queree was acquitted on January 4, 2018 by an appeals court in Jersey of indecent assault for touching his partner’s breasts during consensual sex. The appeals court ruled the prosecution’s evidence failed to prove Queree committed a crime. Queree and the woman, identified in court documents as Miss X, met on August 18, 2016 …

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Dec 29

Susan Finkelstein’s Sex For World Series Tickets Conviction Overturned

Susan Finkelstein (Rikard Larma, Metro Philadelphia)

Susan Finkelstein’s March 2010 conviction of attempted prostitution related to her Craigslist.org advertisement for 2009 World Series tickets has been overturned. The Philadelphia Phillies were playing the New York Yankees in the World Series scheduled to begin on October 28. Finkelstein placed an advertisement on Craigslist on October 26, 2009 that read: “Diehard Phillies fan …

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