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Jan 10

Thank You Deborah Norville For Kirstin Blaise Lobato’s Freedom!

Deborah Norville (2007)

By Hans Sherrer Justice Denied’s editor and publisher January 10, 2018 Deborah Norville should be at the front of the line of people Kirstin Blaise Lobato thanks for her release from custody on January 3, 2018. Without Ms. Norville, Ms. Lobato would likely have been imprisoned until her mandatory release from prison in June 2021.* …

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Oct 27

New York Appeals Court Rules Judge Who Convicted A Defendant Cannot Also Decide Their Appeal

New York Court of Appeals building (Rick Kopstein)

The New York Court of Appeals unanimously ruled on October 24, 2017 that the judge who convicted a defendant cannot also solely decide their appeal. Brian Novak was ticketed in August 2012 in Schenectady, New York for misdemeanor driving while intoxicated and related traffic infractions. He pled not guilty when arraigned in Schenectady City Court. …

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