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Aug 31

Justice Denied Issue 68 Is Now Online

Justice Denied Issue 68 Is Now Online Issue 68 of Justice Denied: the magazine for the wrongly convicted is available online. Issue 68 includes the following articles: Roger Lee Largent Cleared of Rape Conviction Four Days After His Murder In Prison $50,000 Reward Offered For Info That Will Exonerate Temujin Kensu Of 1986 Michigan Murder …

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Aug 17

Mary Zolkowski Charged With A Filing False Rape Report After Claiming She Was Raped In Three Places On Same Day

Mary T. Zolkowski (Instagram)

Mary T. Zolkowski has been charged with falsely reporting a felony after admitting she fabricated her claim a man raped her in Saginaw Township, Michigan. In February 2017 20-year-old Mary Zolkowski was a student at Delta College, a two-year college near Bay City, Michigan. On the evening of February 22, 2017 her mother called the …

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Jul 24

Three Men Wrongly Convicted Of Murder & Sentenced To Death In China Seek $3 Million Compensation Each

Cheng Lihe, Huang Zhiqiang, Fang Chunping and Cheng Fagen after their acquittal on December 21, 2016 (amnesty.org)

Three men wrongly convicted and sentenced to death in China for the murder of a man and his girlfriend have filed compensation claims for about US$3 million each. Another innocent man who spent 11 years on the lam to avoid being tried for the murders, has filed a compensation claim for US$711,000. The body of …

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Jun 18

Nikki Yovino Offered Two Years In Prison For Falsely Accusing Two Men Of Rape

Nikki Yovino mug shot in Feb. 2017 (Bridgeport Police Dept.)

Nikki Yovino has been offered a plea deal of two years in prison for falsely accusing two young men of raping her during a party in Fairfield, Connecticut in 2016. Yovino was 18 and a student at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield when she told police on October 15, 2016 that the night before she …

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Feb 17

Roger Lee Largent Cleared of Rape Conviction Four Days After His Death

Roger Lee Largent (Washington County, Maryland Sheriff’s Office)

On February 15, 2017 the Maryland Court of Special Appeals reversed the rape conviction of Roger Lee Largent. Four days earlier the 69-year-old Largent was beaten to death in his cell at the Western Correctional Institution in Cumberland, Pennsylvania. In the summer of 2015 Roger Largent was 67 and living in Clear Spring, Maryland. His …

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Dec 29

Michael Kenneth McAlister Will Forfeit More Than $1 million In Compensation If Convicted Of Drug Charge

Michael Kenneth McAlister in 2015 (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Michael Kenneth McAlister will forfeit over $1 million in wrongful imprisonment compensation if he is convicted of pending felony drug charges in Florida. McAlister’s saga began more than thirty years ago. On February 23, 1986 a man attempted to rape and abduct a 22-year-old woman from the laundry room at the Town and Country Apartments …

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Aug 24

Federal Judge Grants Brendan Dassey New Trial And Castigates His First Lawyer

Brendan Dassey (Wisc. DOC, 2011)

Brendan R. Dassey was granted a new trial by U.S. Magistrate Judge William E. Duffin on August 12, 2016. Judge Duffin granted Dassey’s federal habeas corpus petition, vacated Dassey’s convictions related to Teresa Halbach’s homicide in 2005, and ordered that he either be retried within 90 days or released. Brendan Dassey and his uncle Steven …

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Aug 18

Rodney Roberts Can Proceed With Federal Lawsuit Against Police & Prosecutor For Frame-up

Rodney R. Roberts after his release (John O’Boyle, The Star-Ledger)

On August 12, 2016 U.S. District Court Judge Kevin McNulty in Newark, New Jersey ruled that Rodney R. Roberts could proceed with his federal civil rights lawsuit related to his wrongful conviction for kidnapping. Roberts was incarcerated for almost 17 years based on evidence fabricated by the police and the prosecution. Roberts was released in …

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Aug 05

Man Acquitted Of Rape After Completing Prison Sentence Wants Euthanasia If Not Compensated

Gopal Shete (Nagpur Today)

On June 10, 2015 the High Court of Bombay acquitted Gopal Shete of raping a girl in 2008 — three months after he had completed his prison sentence. A mentally challenged girl was raped in December 2008 at the railway station in Ghatkopar, India, outside of Mumbai. The victim told the police that her assailant …

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Jul 28

David Bryant’s Rape Conviction Based On Fantasist’s Fabrications Tossed By Appeals Court

David Bryant and his wife Lynn Bryant outside the Royal Courts of Justice after Bryant’s conviction was overturned on July 20, 2016 (Telegraph (London))

On July 20, 2016 David Bryant’s 2013 conviction for the rape of a male teenager in the mid-1970s was overturned by England’s Court of Appeals based on new evidence his accuser is a chronic liar who fabricated the alleged assault out of thin air. David Bryant was a 63-year-old retired fireman living in Christchurch, England …

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