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Feb 08

Tammy Louise Lysaght Cleared Of 2010 Assault Of Her Daughter After Ex-Boyfriend Confesses

Princess Margaret Hospital for Children in Perth (Dept of Health website)

The conviction of Tammy Louise Lysaght for the aggravated assault of her 16-month-old daughter in 2010 in Perth, Australia was quashed on February 7, 2018. Lysaght had appealed her 2011 conviction based on the confession of her then live-in boyfriend, Robert Edward Dacey, in a Facebook post in 2016 and then to police, that he …

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Jan 13

Edward John Chandler Cleared Of Flashing Two Women Who Identified Him From Facebook Gossip

Five Bells Pub in Wickham, England.

Edward John Chandler was cleared on appeal of exposing himself to two women in Wickham, England. They identified him from gossip on Facebook. Wickham is a small village of about 4,300 people 80 miles southwest of London. On the evening of July 28, 2016 two women had drinks at the Five Bells Pub in Wickham. …

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Nov 14

Alan Staines Exonerated Of 2004 Burglary By Discovery Lab Misidentified Him As Source Of Crime DNA

Alan Staines’ 2004 burglary conviction in Perth, Australia was overturned on November 13, 2017 by the Supreme Court of Western Australia. The Court ruled Staines’ conviction was a miscarriage of justice based on new evidence a laboratory misidentified him as the source of crime scene DNA. The ruling written by Justice Stephen Hall stated that …

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Aug 19

14,700 Convictions To Be Overturned In Ireland Because Of False Prosecutions By The National Police Service

Garda Síochána logo

14,700 convictions are to be overturned in Ireland of people who were falsely prosecuted after paying a fine to avoid criminal prosecution for a driving related offense. In Ireland citations for more than 60 traffic related offenses can be disposed of by admitting guilt and paying a fine within 56 days of a “Fixed Charge” …

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Aug 08

Honey Rose Acquitted Of Manslaughter In Death Of Optometry Patient

Honey Maria Rose outside the courthouse after her sentencing on August 26, 2016 (The Sun, London)

Honey Maria Rose has been acquitted by an appeals court of gross negligence manslaughter in the death of eight-year-old Vincent Barker. In July 2016 Honey Rose became the first optometrist in English history convicted of manslaughter for failing to detect a patient’s medical condition that later caused the person’s death. Honey Rose became a licensed …

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Jul 28

Death Row Prisoners Vincent Edwards And Richard Haynes Acquitted By Caribbean Court of Justice

CCJ Chides Barbados For Not Recording Interrogations (Nationnews, Barbados), 7-27-2017

Vincent Leroy Edwards and Ricardo Orlando Haynes (aka Richard Haynes) have been acquitted of a 2006 murder in Barbados by the Caribbean Court of Justice. On July 25, 2017 the CCJ ruled their uncorroborated alleged confessions to police were insufficient evidence to prove they committed the crime, and ordered their release from Barbados’ death row. …

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Dec 07

Jessica Silva Acquitted Of Manslaughter By Appeals Court In Stabbing Death Of Ex-Boyfriend

Jessica Silva on June 27, 2016 after a hearing in the NSW Court of Appeals. (AAP)

Jessica Silva has successfully appealed her manslaughter conviction for stabbing her abusive former boyfriend to death on Mother’s Day 2012. The New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal acquitted Silva on December 7, 2016. Silva was 22 when in March 2012 she broke up with James Polkinghorne after about a four year relationship. They had …

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Nov 23

Compensation Ordered For Man Wrongly Convicted Of Attempted Culpable Homicide

Kerala High Court in Kochi, Kerala, India (www.highcourtofkerala.nic.in)

India’s High Court in Kerala has ordered that Muraleedharan R U be provided with compensation for his wrongful conviction of attempted culpable homicide. In 2004 Muraleedharan was an employee of the Changaramkari temple in Mararikulam, on India’s southwest coast. On September 27, 2004 he got into a fight with a neighbor who used Muraleedharan’s motorcycle …

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Mar 15

Five Men’s Murder Convictions Quashed Because Prosecution Failed To Disclose Star Witness Was Unreliable

Kevin Nunes (Staffordshire Police, PA)

Five Men’s Murder Convictions Quashed Because Prosecution Failed To Disclose Star Witness Was Unreliable

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Nov 04

Motorcyclist Spends $60,000 To Overturn Speeding Conviction

Motorcyclist Spends $60,000 To Overturn Speeding Conviction

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