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Nov 14

Alan Staines Exonerated Of 2004 Burglary By Discovery Lab Misidentified Him As Source Of Crime DNA

Alan Staines’ 2004 burglary conviction in Perth, Australia was overturned on November 13, 2017 by the Supreme Court of Western Australia. The Court ruled Staines’ conviction was a miscarriage of justice based on new evidence a laboratory misidentified him as the source of crime scene DNA. The ruling written by Justice Stephen Hall stated that …

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May 13

Alan Staines Cleared Of 2004 Burglary Conviction Caused By Bungled DNA Identification

Alan Staines outside court after his burglary conviction was set aside (Heather McNeill)

Alan Staines has been cleared of a 2004 burglary in Perth, Australia. More than a dozen years after his conviction, the lab that conducted the DNA test of crime scene evidence discovered it misidentified him as matching the evidence. The police collected blood stain evidence during their investigation of a home invasion in Perth’s southern …

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