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Apr 06

In 2016 More Than $263 Million Was Awarded Or Paid To Wrongly Convicted Persons In U.S.

More than a quarter billion dollars is known to have been awarded or paid in 2016 as compensation to 138 people who were wrongly convicted in the United States. The people were imprisoned for a total of 1,997 years. The people were convicted in 13 states and the District of Columbia. With the total compensation …

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Mar 27

Germany’s Cabinet Approves Pardons For More Than 50,000 Men Convicted Of Homosexual Crimes

Cartoon about Frankfurt trials in 1950 and 1951 ( Die Freundschaft (Friendship), 1951, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum #170)

Germany’s cabinet has approved a bill that will pardon all men convicted after 1948 of a consensual homosexual crime. Men who are still alive will be granted compensation. Paragraph 175 of the German Criminal Code criminalized homosexual acts between males. The law was enacted in 1871, and it wasn’t repealed until March 10, 1994. The …

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Feb 03

49,000 Men Posthumously Pardoned Of Homosexual Crimes In United Kingdom

Alan Turing (dailymail.co.uk)

The United Kingdom has posthumously pardoned about 49,000 males who were convicted of consensual homosexual activity that is no longer considered criminal. The pardons were included in the Policing and Crime Act 2017 that received Royal Assent on January 31, 2017. Men still alive who were convicted of the affected crimes can apply for a …

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Jan 04

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin Issues 192 Marijuana Possession Pardons

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin (Pat Bradley - WAMC)

On January 3, 2017 Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin issued a pardon to 192 people convicted prior to 2013 of misdemeanor marijuana possession. In 2013, Gov. Shumlin signed a law decriminalizing possession in Vermont of less than one ounce of marijuana. Before the law was changed in 2013, possession of less than one ounce of marijuana …

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Nov 22

President Obama Doesn’t Know He Can Pardon Edward Snowden and Hillary Clinton?

President Barack Obama interviewed by Klaus Brinkbäumer and Sonia Seymour Mikich (Spiegel)

President Barack Obama was asked during an interview on November 17, 2016 if he was going to pardon Edward Snowden. Obama responded: “I can’t pardon somebody who hasn’t gone before a court and presented themselves, so that’s not something that I would comment on at this point.” On June 14, 2013 Snowden was charged with …

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Oct 31

Kenya’s President Commutes Sentence Of 2,747 Death Row Prisoners

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta (wikileaks.org)

On October 24, 2016 Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta commuted the sentence of all 2,747 persons on death row to a sentence of life imprisonment. In addition, the president issued pardons to 102 prisoners serving long sentences. President Kenyatta’s office issued the following statement: President Uhuru Kenyatta has signed commutation documents commuting all death sentences into …

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Oct 25

Massachusetts Governor Pardoned 12 People Based On Innocence … In 1884

Massachusetts Governor George D. Robinson (1884-1887)

Regular news reports about the exoneration of a man or woman who was wrongly convicted of a crime may mislead a person to think it is a recent phenomena. It isn’t. In the four years since 2013 there have been 13 exonerations in Massachusetts. That is impressive. However, Massachusetts Governor George D. Robinson granted full …

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Oct 06

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Helped Keith Cooper To Seek His Exoneration

Keith Cooper (Zbigniew Bzdak, Chicago Tribune)

By Hans Sherrer October 7, 2016 Indiana Governor Mike Pence successfully goaded Keith Cooper’s lawyers to file a post-conviction petition on October 3, 2016, that seeks to overturn his 1997 robbery conviction. On September 20, 2016 Pence informed Cooper that he couldn’t consider his pardon request until he exhausted his legal options to overturn his …

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Dec 29

Nevada Grants 17 Unconditional Pardons In 2015

Nevada State Seal

The Nevada Board of Pardons has issued 17 unconditional pardons in 2015. The nine members of the Nevada Board of Pardons Commissioners are the governor, the attorney general, and the seven members of the supreme court. The pardons board has the authority to issue a conditional pardon that can commute or reduce a sentence, or …

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Dec 05

Federal Judge Denies Miriam Moskowitz’ Coram Nobis Petition That Was A Half–Baked Publicity Stunt For A Documentary About Her Life

Miriam Moskowitz, 98, outside the federal courthouse in Manhattan on December 4, 2014 after her coram nobis petition was denied (Daily Mail)

On December 4, 2014 U.S. District Court Judge Alvin Hellerstein in Manhattan denied 98-year-old Miriam Moskowitz’ coram nobis petition requesting that her 1950 conviction for conspiracy to obstruct justice be vacated. In November 1950 Ms. Moskowitz was convicted in federal court of conspiring with her business partner Abraham Brothman and their former employee Harry Gold …

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