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Aug 29

Jennifer Marchant Acquitted By New York Appeals Court Because She Killed Boyfriend In Self-defense

Jennifer Marchant (Jen Marchant, myspace.com webpage)

Jennifer R. Marchant was acquitted in July 2017 by a New York appeals court of manslaughter in the stabbing death of her boyfriend in 2013. The court ruled she acted in self-defense and ordered dismissal of her charge. On August 25, 2017 the Niagara County District Attorney announced the appeals court’s ruling would not be …

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Aug 08

Honey Rose Acquitted Of Manslaughter In Death Of Optometry Patient

Honey Maria Rose outside the courthouse after her sentencing on August 26, 2016 (The Sun, London)

Honey Maria Rose has been acquitted by an appeals court of gross negligence manslaughter in the death of eight-year-old Vincent Barker. In July 2016 Honey Rose became the first optometrist in English history convicted of manslaughter for failing to detect a patient’s medical condition that later caused the person’s death. Honey Rose became a licensed …

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Dec 07

Jessica Silva Acquitted Of Manslaughter By Appeals Court In Stabbing Death Of Ex-Boyfriend

Jessica Silva on June 27, 2016 after a hearing in the NSW Court of Appeals. (AAP)

Jessica Silva has successfully appealed her manslaughter conviction for stabbing her abusive former boyfriend to death on Mother’s Day 2012. The New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal acquitted Silva on December 7, 2016. Silva was 22 when in March 2012 she broke up with James Polkinghorne after about a four year relationship. They had …

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Oct 25

NY Appeals Court Acquits Jennifer Jorgensen Of Manslaughter In Death Of Her Daughter

Jennifer Jorgensen leaves the courthouse after a mistrial was declared on March 29, 2011 (Joseph D. Sullivan)

On October 22, 2015 the New York State Court of Appeals acquitted Jennifer Jorgensen of manslaughter and ordered dismissal of her indictment. The appeals court ruled New York’s manslaughter statute doesn’t apply to the death of an infant born after an alleged “reckless” act by a pregnant mother. Jorgensen was 29-years-old and 34-months pregnant when …

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Sep 11

Kevin McCormick Acquitted Of Manslaughter By Minnesota Court Of Appeals

Kevin Thomas McCormick (Clearwater County Sheriff mug shot 2010)

Kevin Thomas McCormick has been acquitted by the Minnesota Court of Appeals of his second-degree manslaughter conviction in the 2010 death of 64-year-old deer hunter Jerry Donald Benedict in Clearwater County, Minnesota. McCormick saw Benedict on a deer stand on November 6, 2010 that he thought was encroaching on his property. McCormick, 52, confronted Benedict …

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