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May 19

Wassillie L. Gregory Exonerated By CCTV Video Of Harassing Police Officer In Bethel, Alaska

CCTV video showing Officer Andrew Reid with his knee in Wassillie Gregory’s back and pulling his arms back. (www.kyuk.org/35836)

Wassillie L. Gregory’s July 2014 harassment conviction in Bethel, Alaska was vacated and the charge dismissed on May 10, 2015. Gregory’s exoneration was based on new surveillance video evidence that shows he committed no crime. Bethel is a city of about 6,000 people 400 miles west of Anchorage, and it is only accessible by air …

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Nov 28

Vermont Supreme Court Acquits Tyler Smith Waters For Texting His Former Partner

Windham County Courthouse in Newfane, Vermont

Tyler Smith Waters has been acquitted by the Vermont Supreme Court of his conviction of violating an abuse-prevention order. The Court ruled sending text messages to his former partner was not harassment. In 2007 Waters had a child with a woman he had lived with for several years in Brattleboro, Vermont. When they split-up she …

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Jan 11

Publicity Leads To Tossing Of Enraged Judge’s Contempt Conviction Of Man For Smiling In Court

Jeffrey Blount made the mistake of smiling when he was in court January 6, 2011, on a harassment charge. Although harassment is only a minor violation, like a traffic ticket — Utica City Court Judge Gerald Popeo became so enraged at the 20-year-old Blount that he yelled “You’re standing there with a grin that I …

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