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Aug 27

Anneli Auer Seeks Additional $2.95 Million Compensation For Wrongful Conviction Of Husband’s Murder

Anneli Auer’s 2016 memoir “Murhalesken muistelmat” (“The Murder of the Widow’s Memoirs”) (Front cover) (The photo is of Anneli, Jukka, and their three children in 2006.)

Anneli Auer is seeking an additional US$2.95 million compensation from Finland’s government for being wrongly convicted and imprisoned for her husband’s murder.* The US$613,000 she was paid in September 2016 was record compensation in Finland for an exonerated person. She was imprisoned for 611 days. Anneli Auer’s case is one of the most publicized legal …

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Mar 25

Four Somalis Acquitted By Finnish Appeals Court Of Supporting Terrorism

Helsinki Courts Building, Helsinki, Finland

The Helsinki Court of Appeals has acquitted four people convicted in Finland of supporting terrorism. Four Somali immigrants to Finland, three men and one woman, were tried in 2014 in Helsinki of financing terrorism by raising 3,200 euros ($3,900) for the al-Shabab group in Somalia between 2008-2011. Al-Shabab is an al-Qaida allied group, and they …

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