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Feb 23

Pamela Anderson To Start Campaigning For Men Falsely Accused Of Rape

Pamela Anderson interviewed for ‘Going Underground’ (RT.com)

Pamela Anderson said in a television interview on February 22, 2017 that she is going to start campaigning for men falsely accused of rape. Anderson is best known for her starring role in the Baywatch television series, which at the peak of its popularity was one of the most watched TV programs in the world. …

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Mar 03

Newlywed Convicted Of Making False Rape Claim To Cover-Up Six-Year Affair

Jessica Gore and her husband Darren on their wedding day in August 2013 (Facebook)

Jessica Gore has been convicted of perverting the course of justice for fabricating a false rape claim to conceal from her husband of four weeks that she was continuing a six-year affair with another man. Gore was a 32-year-old mother of two children when she was married in August 2013 in Ashford, England. Ashford is …

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