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Jul 06

Roxanne Granberry Exonerated By Insufficient Trial Evidence To Support Drug Conspiracy Conviction

Roxanne Granberry (Facebook)

Roxanne L. Granberry has had her federal conviction of conspiracy to distribute oxycodone overturned because the prosecution introduced insufficient evidence during her trial to prove her guilt. Her husband William Delonta Granberry was the mastermind of the criminal oxycodone operation she was charged with participating in. In August 2011 Roxanne Granberry was living in Hughesville, …

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May 11

Annie Dookhan’s Eight Year Rampage Of Faking Scientific Evidence To Convict Innocent People Was Aided By The Legal System

Annie Dookhan after her arrest in Sept. 2012 (David L Ryan -- Boston Globe, 2012)

Justice Denied Editorial Annie Dookhan’s saga of sabotaging more than twenty-one thousand criminal cases in Massachusetts during the eight years she “worked” as a chemist in the Hinton State Laboratory is chronicled in Justice Denied’s article, “21,587 People Exonerated In Massachusetts Due To Fraudulent Crime Lab Testing” (May 6, 2017). From her hiring in 2003 …

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May 06

21,587 People Exonerated In Massachusetts Due To Fraudulent Crime Lab Testing

21,587 drug related convictions were vacated by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on April 19, 2017. The Court also ordered dismissal of the cases. It was by far the most exonerations on a single day in United States history. The prosecution of all the cases relied on a “drug certificate” signed by Annie Dookhan, a …

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Dec 29

Michael Kenneth McAlister Will Forfeit More Than $1 million In Compensation If Convicted Of Drug Charge

Michael Kenneth McAlister in 2015 (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Michael Kenneth McAlister will forfeit over $1 million in wrongful imprisonment compensation if he is convicted of pending felony drug charges in Florida. McAlister’s saga began more than thirty years ago. On February 23, 1986 a man attempted to rape and abduct a 22-year-old woman from the laundry room at the Town and Country Apartments …

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Dec 21

Gyronne Buckley Awarded $460,000 For 11-1/2 Years Imprisonment For Drug Frame-Up

Gyronne Buckley (KTHV-TV, Little Rock, AR)

Gyronne Buckley has been awarded $460,000 by the Arkansas State Claims Commission for 11-1/2 years of imprisonment for a drug conviction that was the result of a frame-up by Arkansas’ South Central Drug Task Force. Buckley was convicted on May 27, 1999 in Clark County, Arkansas of two counts of delivery of a controlled substance …

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Apr 29

Joshua Ryan Brewer Sues City of Medford For Fabricated Drug Crime

Joshua Ryan Brewer’s healthy American Staffordshire terrior Aliah was destroyed by Medford’s animal control. This is not a photo of Alah. (www.staffy-bull-terrior.com)

Joshua Ryan Brewer has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the City of Medford, Oregon, its police department and a number of persons, related to his prosecution and conviction of a drug crime that the Oregon Attorney General concedes didn’t happen. In 2009 Brewer was 24 and living in Medford, Oregon with his cousin. …

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Nov 11

Man Framed By Corrupt St Louis Cop Released After 12 Years Wrongful Imprisonment

St Louis police officer Vincent T. Carr pled guilty in February 2009 to five federal felony charges: obstruction of justice and two counts each of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and making false statements. The charges were related to the indictment of Carr and his partner Bobby Lee Garrett in December 2008 for planting evidence, …

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