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Feb 11

U.S. Ninth Circuit “So-called Judges” Prove To The World They Are Agenda Driven Political Hacks

Executive Order 13769, The White House, Jan. 27, 2017

By Hans Sherrer Feb. 11, 2017 Every federal and state judge in the United States is a politician. A 2003 law review article explained that, “Contrary to their carefully cultivated public image of being independent and above the frays of everyday life, judges are influenced and even controlled by powerful and largely-hidden political, financial, personal …

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Dec 03

Man Fighting Conviction Claims Public Smoking Bans Are Based On Nazi Law

Public smoking bans have been enacted in countries around the world. Northern Ireland is one of them. Chris Carter was convicted of smoking a cigarette in the North Down Borough Council headquarters in 2007. He was ordered to pay a fine and costs of £1,250 (about $2,000) or serve 47 days in jail. Carter’s appealed …

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