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Aug 29

Jennifer Marchant Acquitted By New York Appeals Court Because She Killed Boyfriend In Self-defense

Jennifer Marchant (Jen Marchant, myspace.com webpage)

Jennifer R. Marchant was acquitted in July 2017 by a New York appeals court of manslaughter in the stabbing death of her boyfriend in 2013. The court ruled she acted in self-defense and ordered dismissal of her charge. On August 25, 2017 the Niagara County District Attorney announced the appeals court’s ruling would not be …

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Jul 28

Death Row Prisoners Vincent Edwards And Richard Haynes Acquitted By Caribbean Court of Justice

CCJ Chides Barbados For Not Recording Interrogations (Nationnews, Barbados), 7-27-2017

Vincent Leroy Edwards and Ricardo Orlando Haynes (aka Richard Haynes) have been acquitted of a 2006 murder in Barbados by the Caribbean Court of Justice. On July 25, 2017 the CCJ ruled their uncorroborated alleged confessions to police were insufficient evidence to prove they committed the crime, and ordered their release from Barbados’ death row. …

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Jul 08

Daniela Poggiali Acquitted Of Murdering Elderly Woman In Lugo, Italy

Daniela Poggiali outside the prison after her release from custody on July 7, 2017 (Schicchi)

Daniela Poggiali was acquitted on July 7, 2017 by an appeals court in Bologna, Italy of murdering an elderly woman in 2014. Sentenced to life in prison after her conviction in March 2016, Poggiali told reporters after her release from prison, “They painted me for what I am not, and now I’m taking my life …

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Jul 02

Christian Preacher’s Conviction Tossed For Saying “Mohammed is a liar and a thief”

Mike Overd after his conviction was overturned on December 11, 2015.

On June 29, 2017 Michael Overd and Michael Stockwell were acquitted by an appeals court of disturbing the public order in Bristol, England in July 2016. Overd and Stockwell are Christian street preachers. Overd lives about 150 miles southwest of London in Creech St Michael, England. Stockwell is a former U.S. Marine who lives about …

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Aug 11

Qian Renfeng Awarded $258,915 For 14 years Wrongful Imprisonment For Murder

Qian Renfeng holds the judgment of innocence issued by the Yunnan Provincial Higher People’s Court on December 21, 2015 (CFP)

Qian Renfeng was awarded $258,915 on August 9, 2016 for being wrongly imprisoned in China’s Yunnan Province for almost 14 years after being convicted of murdering a child. In February 2002 Renfeng was 17-years-old, and working as a nurse at the Xing Rui Kindergarten in Qiaojia County in Yunnan province in Southwest China. On February …

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Aug 10

Deborah Busch and Rory Russell Acquitted Of Trespassing For Being On Neighbor’s Porch

Deborah Busch (Philip Kamrass)

The trespassing convictions of Deborah Busch and Rory Russell in Fort Ann, New York for being on their neighbor’s porch have been overturned on appeal. In July 2014 Russell owned a home on Lake George in Fort Ann. Busch was his girlfriend, and she lived in Berne — 85 miles south of Fort Ann. Fort …

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Aug 05

Man Acquitted Of Rape After Completing Prison Sentence Wants Euthanasia If Not Compensated

Gopal Shete (Nagpur Today)

On June 10, 2015 the High Court of Bombay acquitted Gopal Shete of raping a girl in 2008 — three months after he had completed his prison sentence. A mentally challenged girl was raped in December 2008 at the railway station in Ghatkopar, India, outside of Mumbai. The victim told the police that her assailant …

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Jul 09

Derrick Redd Awarded New Trial Based On Pervasive Prosecutor Misconduct

Derrick W. Redd

Derrick W. Redd was awarded a new trial on July 6, 2016 by the Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court based on pervasive prosecutor misconduct during his trial. Derrick Redd was convicted of second-degree murder in 2012, and the appeals court identified at least six different types of prejudicial prosecutor misconduct during his …

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May 05

Stealing Food Out Of Necessity Not A Crime, Rules Italy’s Supreme Court

Italy’s Supreme Court of Cassation in Rome (wikimapia.org)

On May 2, 2016 Italy’s Supreme Court issued its landmark ruling that stealing a small amount of food out of necessity is not a crime. In 2011 Roman Ostriakov was a 31-year-old homeless Ukrainian immigrant living in Genoa, Italy. Ostriakov went into a supermarket and he only had enough money to buy some breadsticks, that …

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Oct 28

Hong Kong Appeals Court Tosses Conviction For Closing Vehicle Door

Law Professor Eric Cheung Tat-ming who assisted Law Yat-ting pro bono (HKEJ)

On October 26, 2015 Hong Kong’s highest court acquitted Law Yat-ting of tampering with a motor vehicle. On February 21, 2014 Yat-ting was walking in the Tsuen Wan section of Hong Kong when he saw a parked van that had its front passenger door open. Yat-ting closed the door. The van’s driver was standing nearby …

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