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Mar 08

Yevgenia Chudnovet Acquitted On Appeal For Posting Video Exposing Child Abuse

Yevgenia Chudnovet released from prison on March 6, 2017

Yevgenia Chudnovet was acquitted on March 6, 2017 by a Russian appeals court of her November 2016 conviction of distributing child pornography. Chudnovet was prosecuted for posting a video online to alert authorities about a child abuse case. In the summer of 2015 Chudnovet was a kindergarten teacher in Kataysk, Russia. Kataysk is a city …

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Mar 03

Eric Asante Exonerated By DNA Of Defiling Student In 2005

Eric Asante after his release from prison in 2015 (The Mirror, Accra)

Eric Asante has been acquitted by the Supreme Court of Ghana of defiling a 14-year-old girl in 2005. Asante’s acquittal was based on a DNA paternity test that excluded him as the father of the son born to the now 26-year-old woman. In 2005 Eric Asante was 28 and a teacher at the Nyorhini Presby …

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Jul 28

David Bryant’s Rape Conviction Based On Fantasist’s Fabrications Tossed By Appeals Court

David Bryant and his wife Lynn Bryant outside the Royal Courts of Justice after Bryant’s conviction was overturned on July 20, 2016 (Telegraph (London))

On July 20, 2016 David Bryant’s 2013 conviction for the rape of a male teenager in the mid-1970s was overturned by England’s Court of Appeals based on new evidence his accuser is a chronic liar who fabricated the alleged assault out of thin air. David Bryant was a 63-year-old retired fireman living in Christchurch, England …

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Jul 26

Thirty Percent Of Death Row Prisoners In India Are Acquitted On Appeal

Death Penalty India Report (Volume II) – 2016

Thirty percent of the defendants convicted of a capital crime and sentenced to death in India are acquitted on appeal. That is one of the most striking findings in “The Death Penalty India Report.” The report is the result of a research project by the Centre on the Death Penalty at the National Law University …

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Jun 21

Michigan’s Pending Compensation Law Is Anti-Exoneree Political Window Dressing

Michigan’s Pending Compensation Law Is Anti-Exoneree Political Window Dressing Justice Denied Editorial June 21, 2016 The Michigan State Senate has passed 37 to 0 a bill that provides as little money as possible to a select group of exonerated persons — while leaving the majority of exonerated persons out to dry with nothing.[n.1] Senate Bill …

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Jun 01

Man Exonerated Of Non-existent Sexual Assault Can Sue Lawyer For Legal Malpractice

Jorge F. Coombs (ylslegal.com)

U.S. District Judge Jerome Simandle is allowing a legal malpractice lawsuit to go to trial that was filed by Carlos Efrain Lopez-Siguenza against the lawyer who represented him at the time he was convicted in 2004 of a sexual assault that didn’t happen. Carlos Lopez-Siguenza was an El Salvadorian national living as a Legal Permanent …

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May 26

Muslim’s Conviction For Threatening To Behead British Political Candidate Tossed By Appeals Court

David Robinson-Young (Chronicle (Newcastle, England))

A British appeals court has overturned Aftab Ahmed’s conviction of threatening to murder a political candidate. The appeals court ruled there wasn’t enough evidence Ahmed intended to carry through with his threat to behead the man. In April 2015 Ahmed was 44 and living near Newcastle, England, which is about 250 miles north of London. …

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May 05

Stealing Food Out Of Necessity Not A Crime, Rules Italy’s Supreme Court

Italy’s Supreme Court of Cassation in Rome (wikimapia.org)

On May 2, 2016 Italy’s Supreme Court issued its landmark ruling that stealing a small amount of food out of necessity is not a crime. In 2011 Roman Ostriakov was a 31-year-old homeless Ukrainian immigrant living in Genoa, Italy. Ostriakov went into a supermarket and he only had enough money to buy some breadsticks, that …

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Apr 08

Georgia Appeals Court Exonerates Kevin Andre Williams Of Committing Non-crime

Elizabeth Vila Rogan (www.theroganlawfirm.com)

The Georgia Court of Appeals excoriated the trial judge and the prosecution in acquitting Kevin Andre Williams of driving without a Georgia drivers license. The appeals court ruled Williams had committed no crime. Williams ordeal began in December 2014 when he was stopped for speeding in DeKalb County, Georgia. He provided the police officer with …

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Jun 12

Mother Acquitted By Appeals Court Of Wilful Child Neglect Conviction

New Zealand’s Court of Appeal building in Wellington, New Zealand

A mother has been acquitted by New Zealand’s Court of Appeal of her wilful neglect conviction for smoking methamphetamine when her son was in their house. During a police investigation of the mother’s methamphetamine use a detective obtained a hair sample from her 3-year-old son. The hair tested positive for the presence of a trace …

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