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Feb 22

Washington Appeals Court Rules Gerald Lewis Yanac Didn’t Rob Bank Asking Teller For “Money”

Gerald Lewis Yanac (Kitsap County Sheriff)

The Washington Court of Appeals acquitted Gerald Lewis Yanac on February 18, 2015 of first-degree robbery for being given money by a bank teller he asked for “money.” On August 15, 2012 Yanac went into a Key Bank in Port Orchard, Washington, a city of about 12,000 that is 13 miles due west of Seattle. …

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Feb 19

David Mathew Hicks Exonerated Of 2007 Material Support Of Terrorism Conviction

Guantanamo: My Journey (2010) (cover)

David Mathew Hicks was acquitted on February 18, 2015 by the United States Court of Military Commission Review of his 2007 conviction of materially supporting terrorism in Afghanistan. The Court ruled he had been convicted of conduct that wasn’t a crime when it occurred. Hicks is an Australian citizen who was 24 when he traveled …

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Feb 05

Colin Norris Is Innocent Of Being Serial Killer Says Jury Foreman

Colin Norris outside the courthouse before his conviction (BBC)

The foreman of the jury that convicted Colin Norris in 2008 of four murders and one attempted murder in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, says that new forensic evidence proves he is not only innocent and he wants him freed from his life sentence, but that no murders were even committed. In 2002 Norris was a …

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