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Apr 16

Jonathan Fleming Released After 25 Years For New York Murder Committed When He Was At Disney World

Jonathan Fleming leaving the courthouse after his release on April 9, 2014 (AP)

Jonathan Fleming has been released after almost 25 years of imprisonment for a New York murder committed when he was 1,100 miles away in Florida. On August 15, 1989 Fleming was vacationing with his family at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Fleming was 1,100 miles from his home in Brooklyn, where an acquaintance was …

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Apr 10

Sture Bergwall Released From 23 Years Imprisonment After 8 Murder Convictions Overturned

Thomas Quick Is Dead (2011) by Sture Bergwall and Sten-Ove (book cover)

Sture Bergwall was described for almost two decades as Sweden’s ‘Hannibal Lecter’ before reinvestigation of his cases discovered he is innocent of the eight murders he was convicted of committing. He has been released after all his convictions were overturned. In December 1990 Bergwall held a family hostage while his accomplice forced the father to …

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