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Apr 29

Joshua Ryan Brewer Sues City of Medford For Fabricated Drug Crime

Joshua Ryan Brewer’s healthy American Staffordshire terrior Aliah was destroyed by Medford’s animal control. This is not a photo of Alah. (www.staffy-bull-terrior.com)

Joshua Ryan Brewer has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the City of Medford, Oregon, its police department and a number of persons, related to his prosecution and conviction of a drug crime that the Oregon Attorney General concedes didn’t happen. In 2009 Brewer was 24 and living in Medford, Oregon with his cousin. …

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Apr 17

Property Destruction Conviction Quashed For Gary The Goat Eating Grass

Gary the goat wearing his hat (Sydney Morning Herald)

The conviction and $462 fine for Gary the goat’s destruction of property outside of Sydney, Australia’s Museum of Contemporary Art has been overturned. James Dezarnaulds is a comedian who goes by the stage name Jimbo Bazoobi as he tours Australia with his goat Gary. In August 2012 Dezarnaulds was charged with destroying property when his …

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