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Mary Zolkowski Charged With A Filing False Rape Report After Claiming She Was Raped In Three Places On Same Day

Mary T. Zolkowski has been charged with falsely reporting a felony after admitting she fabricated her claim a man raped her in Saginaw Township, Michigan.

Mary T. Zolkowski (Instagram)

Mary T. Zolkowski (Instagram)

In February 2017 20-year-old Mary Zolkowski was a student at Delta College, a two-year college near Bay City, Michigan.

On the evening of February 22, 2017 her mother called the Delta College Public Safety Office and told an officer that Zolkowski had been raped. Zolkowski talked to the officer on the phone and said she was raped in a campus parking lot at 5:50 p.m. while walking to her vehicle. She said a man grabbed her from behind, and then grabbed her face and throat and proceeded to rape her without wearing a condom. She said she only saw her assailant’s hands. She said that after raping her the man got into the passenger seat of a car and fled after raping her. She couldn’t describe anything about the vehicle.

She told the officer she did not want a physical exam and did not want to talk to police investigators about the rape.

The next day Zolkowski met with the college’s Public Safety director and the Title XI coordinator. She told them she had dropped courses due to the incident. Although she said her neck and back were sore, neither the director or coordinator noticed any bruising. She told them she didn’t want a police investigation of the rape.

The subsequent investigation discovered that contrary to what she told the director and coordinator, she had dropped the courses prior to February 22.

A woman’s softball team was practicing near the parking lot at the time of the alleged rape, and police investigators were told that none of the staff or players noticed anything out of the ordinary.

Examination of Zolkowski’s car failed to turn up any evidence of a rape.

When Zolkowski was interviewed on March 17, almost a month after the alleged incident, she told investigators a different story. She claimed to have actually been raped on February 22 at an apartment in Saginaw Township, about ten miles south of Delta College. She said she had been intoxicated and didn’t give consent for sex, and that afterwards the man drove her to Delta College where her car was parked. She said she didn’t want the man prosecuted for rape.

Police interviewed the man Zolkowski named as her assailant. He said he had been with Zolkowski on February 22, but they had never gone to Delta College. He also showed police investigators text messages from Zolkowski in which she claimed to have been raped by a stranger at Walmart after they had separated that day. He also showed police texts from her that she didn’t want him to cooperate with the police. He also told them that Zolkowski was trying to get a refund from Delta for the classes she had dropped.

After the man was interviewed by the police Zolkowski filed a report with the Saginaw Township Police Department alleging that he shoved her to the floor in the apartment and raped her on February 22.

On May 12 Zolkowski was interviewed for a third time by police investigators. She admitted that she had willingly had intercourse with the man at the apartment in Saginaw.

Zolkowski was charged on July 31, 2017 with one count of False Report Of A Felony based on her admission she fabricated her claim of being raped at the apartment on February 22. She was arraigned on August 14, 2017 in Bay County District Court. She was freed on her own recognizance pending further proceedings.

She was not charged with fabricating being raped on February 22 in the Delta College parking lot, or the same day at Walmart, because she didn’t file a police report about those alleged incidents.

Zolkowski is presumed innocent of filing a false felony report unless and until she is convicted.

Zolkowski’s case is 1710440FY1 in the Bay County, Michigan District Court.

Filing a false felony report is a felony under Mich. Penal Code 750.411a, with a maximum penalty of four years in prison and a $2,000 fine.

August 16, 2017
By Hans Sherrer
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