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$50,000 Reward Offered For Information That Will Exonerate Temujin Kensu Of 1986 Michigan Murder

1-800-595-0830 is the tip line number to collect up to a $50,000 reward for information that can help exonerate Temujin Kensu, aka Frederick Freeman.

Temujin kensu (Justice Incarcerated - 2010)

Temujin kensu (Justice Incarcerated – 2010)

Kensu is personally offering a reward of up to $25,000 for credible information that will exonerate him of the Nov. 5, 1986 murder of Scott Macklem in a parking lot at St. Clair Community College in Port Huron, Michigan. Kensu is currently serving a life sentence for his 1987 first-degree murder conviction.*

The Southfield, Michigan based law firm of 1-800-Law-Firm, which represents Kensu, is offering to match Kensu’s reward. So the total maximum reward is $50,000.

Kensu is offering up to $5,000 ($10,000 with the matching money) for credible information regarding Macklem’s death, and $25,000 ($50,000 with the matching money) is being offered for information that exonerates Kensu or results in the conviction of the person who committed the crime.

1-800-595-0830 is the tip line number.
info@hardestypi.com is the tip email address.
All tips go to Hardesty Private Investigations. Hardesty PI told Justice Denied they are working with Kensu and 1-800-Law-Firm. Hardesty PI’s website is www.hardestypi.com.

Kensu’s defense at his trial was that he was on Michigan’s upper peninsula where he was living, at the time of Macklem’s murder 465 miles away in Port Huron. Port Huron is about 60 miles northeast of Detroit. The prosecution’s case was based on the contention that Kensu was jealous of Macklem who was engaged to marry Kensu’s former girlfriend, Crystal Merril, who was pregnant with Kensu’s child. Credible witnesses saw Kensu in Escanaba on the peninsula two hours after the murder. However, the prosecution argued it is possible — without presenting any evidence he did so — that he could have flown from Port Huron to Escanaba in a private airplane.

Kensu, 23 at the time of his arrest, is now 54.

Kensu has mounted a number of legal challenges in state and federal court to his conviction, all of which to date have been unsuccessful. On June 28, 2017 the Investigation Discovery cable channel aired a program about Kensu’s case.

Kensu had a number of medical problems over a 20 year period of time that were largely ignored by the Michigan Department of Corrections, including shoulder surgery that was denied in 2009. In 2013 Kensu filed a federal civil rights lawsuit that alleged the Michigan DOC and a number of DOC employees had exhibited “deliberate indifference to serious medical needs in violation of 42 U.S.C. 1983.” On March 28, 2016 the jury awarded Kensu $40,000 in compensatory damages and $285,000 in punitive damages.

The DOC appealed. In March 2017 the DOC dropped their appeal, conceding that they wouldn’t win the appeal. The DOC paid the $325,000 awarded by the jury, which has enabled him to post a reward for information. (Some of the money will also be used to privately pay for necessary medical care for Kensu.)

Proving Innocence. which has been advocating for Kensu’s innocence for almost ten years, has information about his case on their website, www.provinginnocence.org.

“Justice Incarcerated,” a 2010 documentary about Kensu’s case, can be seen on Youtube at https://tinyurl.com/yapflj8t.

A website with extensive information about Kensu’s case is, https://tinyurl.com/ya8dsmb3.

* Since he converted to Buddhism Frederick Freeman goes by the name Temujin Kensu, however the Michigan DOC lists him under his committed name Freeman.

July 17, 2017
By Hans Sherrer
Justice Denied

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