Justice Denied relentlessly sheds light on the darkest injustice imaginable – the prosecution, conviction and punishment of innocent persons. As a whistleblower of injustice, Justice Denied exposes the tragic human consequences of judges, prosecutors, police investigators, lab technicians and experts acting on the idea that what they do is ‘Good enough for government work.’ Their shoddy work is routinely exposed during an investigation initiated by a wrongly convicted person’s family member or friend, by journalism or law school students, or by a reporter or compassionate stranger.


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  1. This is a disgusting case of injustice against James Rodwell (81-1712-1714 Middlesex). James has never had an evidentiary hearing to disclose the withheld evidence that which shows Perjury, Subornation of Perjury, Prosecutorial Misconduct, Withholding of Exculpatory Evidence, PRIs, and Judicial Misconduct.

    I believe that no one is above the law. I believe Jurors are the trier of facts” and when the facts are purposely withheld such as in this case, bad decisions result. How can any defendant have sealed documents exposed to show PRIs and attorney client privilege notes when the defendant did not even know that they existed. The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office kept this information even from the Superior Court Judges until Judge Carol Ball opened the sealed file on David Nagle and allowed Attorney Kevin Reddington to view the contents.

    This website will provide you with documents and briefs, and news articles. You will also see a recent handwritten letter from David P. Nagle to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office stating that he wanted to revoke and revise his sentence otherwise he would have to go back on his deal that the government gave to him in 1982.

    In reference to James Rodwell’s case, Nagle was the Jailhouse Informant Witness that gave perjured testimony to the jury. You will also see right on the front page of this website the links to move around the site and an email link. Any questions or comments are welcome and will be immediately delivered to James Rodwell, his family, and/or his Attorney.

    Please take some time to review the web-site, James Rodwell’s life is at stake. There are grave constitutional violations here that the State of Massachusetts has continued to cover up.

    James has been in prison for over 30 years now, more than half his life, for something he did not do. Justice Denied!

    Justice Denied James Rodwell

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