The Exonerated Debuts On Court TV

Justice:Denied magazine, Issue 27, Winter 2005, page 5

A made for Court Television version of The Exonerated debuted at 9pm on January 27, 2005. The Exonerated tells compressed versions of how six death row prisoners were identified by the police as a suspect, it outlines their prosecution, and then explains the evidence that contributed to each person’s eventual release. Those six people are:

Originally written for the stage, The Exonerated was effec-tively adapted for television. That can be credited in part to many close-ups of the actors, the use of extras in the background of several scenes, and that the plays MTV style of quickly cutting from scene to scene and character to character is more suited to television than the theater. The cast included Aidan Quinn as Kerry Cook, Danny Glover as David Keaton, Delroy Lindo as Delbert Tibbs, Susan Sarandon as Sonia Jacobs, Brian Dennehy as Gary Gauger, and David Brown Jr. as Robert Hayes.

While the additional capabilities of a television production enhanced viewing The Exonerated, the script is faithful to the stage version. The end result is somewhat unusual in that some people may find the television version of The Exonerated to be a more satisfying experience than seeing it performed live.

The Court Television cable network is to be commended for co-producing The Exonerated, and broadcasting it commercial free in prime time on its debut night. Their support enabled more people to see The Exonerated on television that one night, than have seen it live on stage since it was first produced in 2000. Court Television then broadcast encore presentations of The Exonerated on Jan-uary 29th and 30th.

A review of the stage version of The Exonerated was pub-lished in Justice:Denied Issue 24, Spring 2004, p. 17.