Captain James Yee Update

Justice:Denied magazine, Issue 27, Winter 2005, page 11

On January 7, 2005 Captain James Yee was honorably discharged from the Army. Yee’s story of being wrongly arrested on suspicion of being an international terrorist and imprisoned for almost three months appeared in Justice:Denied Issue 25, Summer 2004.

The Seattle Times published an investigative exposé on the U.S. Government’s reckless and systematic destruction of Captain’s Yee’s career that appeared on the newspaper’s front page for eight consecutive days from January 9 to January 16, 2005. The Times describes the series thusly:

“Seattle Times reporter Ray Rivera spent seven months investigating the origins and collapse of the spy case against Army Capt. James Yee. He inter-viewed more than 70 people, including more than a dozen directly involved in or intimately familiar with the investigation and the legal cases of Yee and Air Force Senior Airman Ahmad Al Halabi. The story also draws on more than 130 documents, comprising more than 1,000 pages, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act and from government sources and legal proceedings involving Yee and Al Halabi.”

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